Broken Things To Mend

If you have followed me for anytime, you have learned music calms my heart. Even on the three hour trip yesterday, I sang hymns to calm my parents nervous puppy, and ease my anxiety–Almost all three hours.

Each of these three songs have special healing messages of peace for me. They calm my soul. I hope they calm yours too.


About Hope

I am forty year old survivor and a five year old victim of sexual abuse. I live with severe depression and anxiety, and in 2013 was diagnosed with DID and PTSD. My journey is to reintegrate my alter and the adult me into a whole person, healthy person, and one that can empathize with others.

2 thoughts on “Broken Things To Mend

  1. Music is very powerful indeed. Considering that music has a special healing quality for you, I thought you may want to listen to a song I wrote with HEALING in mind! It’s a version of “Ave Maria.” If you like it, you can download it, too:


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