Where’s My Rock?

I have not moved around too much today at all.

I want a rock. Either to hide under or to hit myself in the head with. Migraines are awful, they are extra heinous when you are attempting to keep your mind engaged to silence your inner child, and you cannot do anything but lay in the dark, and think.

I am looking at the words on the screen and I am not sure if they make sense or if some are missing, that is one of the wonderful gifts that a migraine attack gives me. Can only hope that my fingers know what my mind is thinking, please forgive me if this post is a mess.

I know when I was able to work, I did bookkeeping. When I have a migraine, numbers are awful. They become jumbled, I see through a dyslexics eyes. Driving? I cannot do that either, I do not know my right from my left instinctively in the middle of one of these beasts. That is not taking into account the noise and light sensitivity, and in the really bad ones, nausea.

I hate Excedrin Migraine commercials. I cringe when one comes on. Want to scream false advertising everytime it. I can take Excedrine Migraine for a regular headache and it works great, but a migraine wickedly laughs it. That commercial does an injustice to true migraine suffers I feel, but that is my two cents. In 2009 I had a migraine that lasted ten and a half weeks, so I am pretty much an expert now.

Right now my migraine is not as bad as it was most of the day, but it is still there, and I am still wiped out from it. If it was full force, I would not be able to blog.

I remember watching on Discovery Health a couple of years ago a “new study” of bee stings, to help migraines. They would let the bee sting the temple and the pull the bee off and leave the stinger in pulsating for a while. Sounds painful.

I remembered that today as I was laying here and wondered if other stinging creatures would work. If so I know right where to find some wasps or yellow jackets. I caught these on camera yesterday.

Maybe not, I think I will stick will Maxalt for now.


About Shanna

I'm Shanna. Living each day the best I can. Trying to learn and grow to be the daughter my Father in Heaven sees in me. Trying to overcome the trials of this life, and find some joy in each day.

4 thoughts on “Where’s My Rock?

  1. Feel better! I have not had a migraine thankfully, in a long time. Mine were tied to hormonal things after I had my babies. I hope you are able to get over yours soon!

  2. Hello,
    I spoke to you yesterday. I’m from Ireland. I am really starting out in this. Healing is impossible to sell! It’s quite frustrating. I was told that is because people have been sold fake healing before, and are wary. I suppose insincere people have ruined it for sufferers, and healers.

    The only way I can get recognized I is to work for nothing.
    So that is what I am offering. I will do work for you for free. That means I will not ask for money half way through, or when I am finished or ask for something else. I will not ask for anything else at all, whatsoever.

    But what I will ask is that IF I heal you, then you place that on your blog.

    Also that you keep the free healing to yourself- I mean the free part !
    If I don’t heal you then there will be no further contact, and you don’t write anything on your blog.

    If you reply to my email through the blog site, you probably won’t even have to give your email address. Or you could somehow reply on your blog that some nut job has your permission to try !

    All I ask for is your permission to heal you of this condition. I am not allowed to heal without this.

    This is the only way I can break through, and heal people..

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