That Bear Almost Caught Me!


The humor behind this cartoon, it looks alot like Jethro and I. The second, the artist put the coversation balloon at Jethro’s mouth and it should have been coming from mine. :). He calls me the finance minister AKA “tight wad”–depending on his mood and how bad he wants something.

I looked and looked for a “bear caught” photo cartoon or clipart. Is that only a Southern phrase? When you get too hot outside just this side of over heating?

It is almost 90 degrees with 80 percent humidity here. Just a tad warm to say the least. Add my, what did the vet receptionist call me the other day? I believe it was “pleasantly plump”, yeah that was it. Lets just say it feels about 200 degrees out there. I stayed outside for a while finally repotting my squash and zucchini, and planting cucumbers and cantaloupe.

Absent minded me kept forgetting something inside, so I had to go up and down the steps several times. I also had to clear a spot on our Sanford and Sons porch for our newest addtions, and rearrange the others, gosh, it does not sound like much, but I was so out of breath and shaking when all was said and done. That bear was on my heels.

I drank nearly a full liter of cool water in one sitting when I came in to rehydrate. Now my tummy is all slushy.

My eggplant blooms pretty lavender flowers now. I am quite excited about that. After I cool off some, and after my Daddy finishes cutting the lawn, I plan to venture back out and take pictures. My insane allergies make it difficult to be outside when the grass is being cut. One of two things might happen–a migraine or an asthma attack. I do not want either today.

Do you have a summer garden? What have you planted this year? What have you planted in past years?

I would love to hear your successes or your learning experiences.


About Shanna

I'm Shanna. Living each day the best I can. Trying to learn and grow to be the daughter my Father in Heaven sees in me. Trying to overcome the trials of this life, and find some joy in each day.

8 thoughts on “That Bear Almost Caught Me!

  1. There is no summer garden at my place. In fact, most of the few plants I had are pretty much dead due to the intense heat and I don’t think I’ll be able to save them now. Will have to start over when the weather gets better.

    1. I hate that. It is going to be a hot one for sure. We lost our first round of cucumbers. I hope this new round will sprout and make it. Hopefully when it gets cooler you will be able to get something going. thank you so much for reading and commenting!! ~Hope

        1. Wow. India. You understand heat quite a bite more than I. I had a friend serve a mission for our Church there in 1994-95. He mentioned the heat. He also mentioned coming home one day from the market and a couple of monkies having broken into his kitchen. He just had to wait until they wanted to leave because they would get really aggressive if he tried to show them the door. Is this a normal thing? I do not know what part of India he was in. I personally adore monkies, don’t know about being burgularized by one, but cool story nonetheless.

          1. No idea about the monkeys. They are found in just some of the old towns otherwise they keep to the woods outside of the cities. I’ve heard from people that they can be aggressive.

  2. I planet a tiny gaarden this year and only my tomato and zuchinni survived. In years past I have done canteloupe, bell peppers and pumpkins. I tried broccoli but that was a fail lol.

    1. The soil here in my yard always gives tomatoes the wilt, when my parents have attempted. I thought about trying in the container but I was to nervous. LOL! I love broccoli, but we have lots of rabbits and squirrels around and thought I might be tempting fate. :). I always enjoy your comments, thank you so much for them!

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