He Is Always Near Me

Much improved from yesterday, today ended up being a fairly decent day. Only one semi-meltdown when someone innocently though ignorantly made an insentive comment without knowing the full story. I felt horrible for crying because they honestly did not intend to hurt me with their words, the tears were just triggered. I looked at my Daddy and he helped me get my emotions in check.

I believe my therapist is correct in that my medication must not be at the right levels. I went from talking fine to crying in a couple of seconds. My appointment with my new psychiatrist is about a month away, though I am on a call list for cancellations.

Tonight I thought about a song we are teaching the children at Church. If The Savior Stood Beside Me

As I listened to the song I wondered about my emotions that go crazy in an instant. I want to remember thst the Savior is beside me at all times. Especially times like yesterday when I was so so angry about my plants, I am still upset, but I contemplated the unhealthy level of anger and frustration I had yesterday as listened to this song.

I am so sleepy right now I do not know if I am making alot of sense. Either way, I hope this song has the same impact on you as it did on me today.


About Hope

I am forty year old survivor and a five year old victim of sexual abuse. I live with severe depression and anxiety, and in 2013 was diagnosed with DID and PTSD. My journey is to reintegrate my alter and the adult me into a whole person, healthy person, and one that can empathize with others.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a reply.

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