30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2 – Current Relationship


Today’s task is to write about my current relationship.

I have mentioned before that we met online. We met on a website called LDSMingle. I went on the site as a dare from a friend that had met someone on it. I told her that her situation of meeting a nice guy online was rare, and I would get online for 3 months just to prove to her that hers was the exception to the rule. This was the first week January 2005.

I had done the singles scene, even attended singles only congregations. I just did not find the right person. When I attended the singles functions I always put “Mahana” as my name on my name tag. ..referring to the Legend of Jonnny Lingo, where Mahana was the most homely girl in the Hawaiian village, but Johnny Lingo loved her and he bartered her father 8 cows for her hand in marriage, more than any other woman’s dowry. As a result, her self esteem blossomed and she became the most beautiful woman on the island. (I love the movie, it is 23 minutes long, I have attached it.)

So, here I am on LDSMingle, and I see a post that says, “Mahana, Are You Out There”? he did not go by Johnny, but rather Cleatus, but I decided to send him an email. He teases me to this day about the picture that I had as my profile, perfect for Mahana, pre-Johnny days. Either way, we started chatting online and sending emails, constantly. This was only January 13th, far from my 3 month trial.

Eventually he called, and we talked, and talked, and talked. We talked more than we ever would have if we had lived in the same area. He lived across the country. In Febraury we decided that he would come out here for Easter. He landed in Jacksonville Friday evening, we had our first date and our first kiss.

Saturday, he sat my parents down at the table with a duffle bag full of stuffed animals. This would be my dowry. There were cows, horses, lambs, pigs, and I can’t remember what else. Mahana did not have anything on me. He then knelt down and asked me to marry him. I said yes. I often tease him that it was the painkillers talking because I had surgery two days before he arrived.

We were married in June of that year. Keeping with the Johnny Lingo theme, our reception was a luau. It was so much fun.

We have been married eight years. They have not all been easy, some have been down right hard, but we made covenants with each other and with Heavenly Father to see it through. I love him, and I know he loves me.

He supports our family as the sole bread winner. I know that is hard on him, but I am so grateful for his devotion and willingness to work, even through the stresses and frustration.

He has a hearty infectious laugh, one of the things I wrote about in my journal when we first met. He loves to serve others. My Daddy adores him, and he can fix anything. He is absolutely brillant.

We have two daughters from his first marriage some days they are the greatest blessings, sometimes the greatest trials, but I guess that it what being a parent is about. I wish I could see them more, and really have a true relationship with them. It is hard across the country, sometimes distance other times raw emotion often gets in the way. I love them and look forward to seeing them both realize their dreams.

Some of our greatest joys are our four legged babies that we share our home with. They love us unconditionally. They ground us. Each has a unique personaility.

One of our songs as always been The Broken Road..

This is the Johnny Lingo Video. Hope You Enjoy!


About Shanna

I'm Shanna. Living each day the best I can. Trying to learn and grow to be the daughter my Father in Heaven sees in me. Trying to overcome the trials of this life, and find some joy in each day.

4 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge Day 2 – Current Relationship

  1. Halloween of 96 I dressed up as Mahana’s cow, and a friend dressed up a Mahana and another friend was Johnny Lingo. We won the costume contest at our singles ward party lol. I love Mahana!

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