Wishful Wednesday: Aloha! Come With Me…

Last year my sister and I went to Oahu, Hawaii. The North shore is amazingly beautiful. Waikiki and Honolulu too busy for my relaxation.

For today’s dream I am going back there.

In the small town of Laie there is a bungalow, just 81 steps from our door to the cool clear waters of the Hawaiian shore. I know the exact number of steps because I counted them on my first visit. This is where I want to stay. This is where we will stay. We book our peaceful haven several months in advance to make sure it is ours.

Upon our arrival we are met with the traditional Aloha spirit, and given the key. After dropping our luggage inside the door, I grab my husband’s hand and pull him down the pathway to the beach. I cannot wait to show him our treasure. Our beach.

We have said since we were married that we wanted to run away to a secluded island. Our touch of paradise in Laie is as close to that secluded island dream as I could ever imagine.

The sand here is nothing like the sand in Georgia or the sand on the Oregon coastline, where he is from. Tiny pieces of luffa and lava give you the perfect spa treatment. It almost feels and looks like uncooked grits with pepper flecks. You sink much deeper in this sand, getting a workout as you go. As we walked hand in hand, I enjoyed watching his face about as much as watching the scenery.

This is the view from our beach up to the bungalows.

In Georgia, the sun sets behind you when you are looking at the water, here, picture perfect romantic night. Watching the sun go down over the Pacific on our own private beach with your spouse embracing you. You are the only two people in the world. You hear the waves crashing, the wind blowing, and feel an occassional mist from the waves spraying as they crash into the rocks.

This is the view from our bungalow.

This is another view down to the beach from the yard.

The next morning we planned our day at the “PCC” or Polynesian Cultural Center, during my first visit we had listened to others and not allowed ourselves a full day there and ended up missing several of the shows and exhibits, we would not make that mistake this time. Another mistake that I had caused last time that I did not this time, we walked across the street to the PCC. Last time I insisted on driving, and we parked about the distance from the bungalow and it cost us $8. Lesson learned.

In the gates PCC you get transported to the different islands of Polynesia. There are exhibits, shows, and crafts performed by each island. My favorite two (though I have to admit I am still going off of my first visit experience here) were Tonga and Samoa. I was now a pro at the Samoan coconut dance. I have the video to prove it, but that is one video that will not be posted.

The Tongan drum show is so funny. I think we both about wet ourselves laughing. (Thank you YouTube for recording so I could put this in my dream.)

Here are a few other pictures from our day at PCC.

These were from the parade of floats.

Dancers from Samoa.

Samoan Tree Climber

We ended the evening with a Luau and the show Ha: The Breath of Life. The Royals were there. 🙂

The food was royally delish! I still cannot get over how much I love poi, raw fish, with onions. I refuse to call it sushi. The mango pineapple smoothie was just perfect. I learned from my first visit we did not need to order two, the smoothie is served in a whole pineapple. This is all before the real food is served. I fell in love with mango my first trip to Hawaii, and now it is my citrus fruit of choice. Hawaiians, like Southerners, know how to put on a spread of food. We ate until we were stuffed.

Ha: The Breath of Life is a beautiful moving story told by each island. It is also an amazing fire show. I understand why no cameras are allowed, but I was still bummed. The show is gorgeous in an outdoor theater with the Hawaiian sky as a back drop.

After a long exciting and hot day, I am very glad that our bungalow is just across the road. My feet are aching, I am exhausted, but it has been a great day. We walk arm in arm across the busy street. Snuggle into our bed, whisper the words, “I love you.”

I cannot wait to see what adventure tomorrow holds.




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