Find the Good Friday: Become As A Little Child

This article was found in the Huffington Post.

The Utah Food Bank received the most memorable donation in their history… but it’s not what you think. It wasn’t a lot of money, but it was from someone very special, making the donation incredibly touching.

Three little kids, Aidan, Sofia and Zach, decided to give their hard-earned money to people in need. They sent in a check for $36.50 to the food bank along with a touching note. This is what it said:

“Dear Utah food bank,

I wanted to contribute the money I made from my lemonade stand to help feed the hungry.”

The Utah Food Bank was so impressed with the children’s genorosity, they posted the letter and story on Facebook, where it received lots of shares and like.


Yesterday I received and email from that stated, “In a study by scientists at the University of British Columbia, participants were given envelopes of either $5 or $20, and instructed to spend the money on themselves or on someone else. The result? Participants who blew the bills on others were happier than those who’d spent the cash treating themselves—regardless of the amount.

It warmed my heart that sweet Aidan, Sofia, and Zach served those in need. It touches me beyond words they worked for the money and then selflessly and charitably gave it away. I love that the letter is written by Aidan, what joy they must feel. That will be a feeling that stays with them and encourage them to continue to selflessly serve for the rest of their lives.

What tender examples they are!


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