Silly Saturday: Unko-San -The Lucky Poo Fairy (I did not make this up!)

We have been laughing all morning. When I was looking for something funny to write I came upon several websites that mentioned these:

What in the world you ask?

The Japanese Unko-san Poo Fairy is the an anime cartoon that went viral in 2009 with high school girls in western Japan. “Unko-san is a brown poo fairy who has the special power of being able to bestow good luck upon others less fortunate.”

Where to even begin with this? The family tree maybe?


Cracks me up that this exists, but they made plush pillow like poo fairies that these teenage girls snuggle with is even funnier. I have a soon to be 18-year-old daughter step daughter, and a sixteen year old niece, I cannot image them wanting a poo toy. My nephews maybe, okay no maybe about it, but you get my point. The major viewing audience is teenage girls!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE…Look at it there is a collection. The Big Poo and three little poos.. Can you imagine the lunch room talk, about getting your Poo collection?! “I am so bummed. I could only buy Big Poo this week. I hope to be able to buy a little turd next week.”

We have some strange things here, but wow. This is just wow! I do not think the words exist.

Something even funnier, and sad at the same time, another nationality threw a fit about the show. No, not because it was poo, but because they felt the skinniest poo was perceived to be their nationality. This short tempered poo is always losing it for no reason on the cartoon. Hmmm…you are not upset that you think you are represented as a poo, but as a short-tempered steamer? I just found that ironically comical!

For your Saturday morning cartoon enjoyment I have attached a YouTube of Unko-San –our poo with super powers! It is only two or three minutes long, and has English subtitles. Hope you enjoy!


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