New Pyschiatrist

My first appointment with my new psychiatrist was today. So the journey of changing medications and dosing begins. Admittedly, this part of the journey that scares me so much. I hope that finding the correct combinations and dosage it a quick and painless process. My biggest fear is losing touch with reality in the adjusting. Right now I recognize when I am am slipping into those unsafe realms, there have been times on some medications when that line has been very blurry.

She is going to keep a close eye on me. I go back in three weeks.

During our discussion she brought up the Lap-Band and Gastric Bi-Pass. She is willing to write a letter of reccommendation to my insurance company. My insurance has told me in the past that my husband’s company chose not cover it, but my Internist, my Psychologist, and now my Pyschiatrist say it is medically necessary and they will approve it, but like disability it will be denied first the first time. It gives me alot to think about.

Am I mentally stable enough for the surgery? Food is one of my comforts, I recognize that. I know losing weight would help me feel better about myself, I have tried so many things. It is one of the many failures in my life.

Just something to think about. Alot to think about.

I would appreciate any input possitive or negative from anyone that has and Lap-Band or Gastric Bi-Pass.


About Shanna

I'm Shanna. Living each day the best I can. Trying to learn and grow to be the daughter my Father in Heaven sees in me. Trying to overcome the trials of this life, and find some joy in each day.

2 thoughts on “New Pyschiatrist

  1. Hi..Just want to let you know that the lab band..well I had one 8 years ago…Is a bit risky. You have to chew your food up so much that it has no taste, dry foods are very hard to get down. Overcooked meat, salad with a little dressing..for me so many foods came back up. That causes GERD. I had mine loosened all the way when I went to Greece because I did not want to ruin my trip by vomiting in the picturesque streets, If your stressed (probably common for us) hard to eat at all. I lost 25 pnds at first cause u can’t eat..Eventually you eat what you can taste and what does not come back up….cookies salads with a lot of dressing ,fatty stuff cause it has cheese-oils and things that don’t back up. You can spend hours with a blockage…like grapes do that to me where even a drink of water cant past the band. The big bypass first…but I know 4 people that ate their self back to huge and had a 2nd bypass. If you eat to cover the pain…the operations are not the answer, at least not for me. I had to have psychological tests and did not pass the first. The Dr somehow saw cookies in my soul and said desserts always go down..You can not eat cookies.How he knew about me and cookies I don’t know unless my giant butt indicated cookie abuse. Our pain does not go away because of a medical procedure…so we still find ways to over eat. I lost 28 pounds in a month last year…just to fight the effects of what that puke my mom married did to me. That was not a good reason. I ended up in the hospital twice after that with colon issues. I am not telling u what to do just my experience. My memories of abuse only came back to me in 2011….51 years after the abuse. Who knew the subconscious had that ability? Not me.
    PS many people who were sexually abused are over weight….It’s not YOUR FAILURE…It’s a SYMPTOM of a deep trauma. Someone failed you. God Bless and heal well..that little girl inside deserves it!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I need to hear all kinds to make a true educated decision. Your words to me are kind and I aprreciate them more than you know. May blessings pour down on you as you continue on your healing journey.

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