Creative Date Night and Photographic View of Depression

Date night, on a budget, what did we do? Well, when we were dating, the whole two weeks we “dated” each other in the same city, we came up with creative ways to do things cheap. Finances are worse now because of my medical issues, so being creative is a necessity.

We recreated one of the dates from the past, well sort of, Happy Hour at Sonic. Two Route 44 drinks and off to the same local park to enjoy nature. He enjoyed it from the comfort of the car, the A/C, and away from the gnats. My camera and I decided we would stroll around the pond and take pictures of the ducks and any other nature I might encounter. The heat, a back and head that is killing me, gnats, the wrong shoes, and getting out of breath walking…I think he had the right idea. I did get some good pictures.

The ducks were so sweet. They swam along beside me for a bit until they realized I did not have any food. They then went and hung out under the food despenser.

When I looked at this image on my screen at home I thought that it is a photographic representation of depression. When depressed only focus on the dead and negativity in your life, it seems to almost over power anything good, but if you stick with it look long enough, the negativity fades and you begin to see the white flowers around. Right now, I see many of the dead and negative parts of me, and an occassional white flower. I know as I continue to work through everything, I will start to see more of life’s beauty.

After leaving the park we drove across town to see an exciting sight. A local company has a “century plant” that is blooming. I am not sure how old this one is, I remember the plant being there when I was young and would go to the library that was across the street.

Look how tall it is. The power line is shadowed by it. The apparently it does not have much time left, the bottom plant is already wilted. After the plant blooms it dies. How sad.

We also went to try to find the husband some work boots, but no luck, maybe next week. We then had to buy dog food for our babies. Tractor Supply is such a great store. I love the old toys they carry, not to mention the dog food for our babies.

Now back at home, sounds like a good southern thunder boomer is coming. Great way to end a relaxed date night.


About Shanna

I'm Shanna. Living each day the best I can. Trying to learn and grow to be the daughter my Father in Heaven sees in me. Trying to overcome the trials of this life, and find some joy in each day.

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