Tell All Tuesday: Fur Mommy’s Life

It is official. I am a mom. I have been a furmom, for eight years, and loved my babies with all my heart. When you deal with infertility, your pets ARE your children.

I write this post a day late, half a sleep. Why? Because I am fur mommy!

As I previously mentioned our littlest did a number on his back when jumping down from the bed Saturday, since then he has been in alot of pain. I took him to our vet Monday. Several shots, a laser treatment, and he sent him home with prescriptions. He still cries in pain. My heart still breaks and tears up when he cries.

He whimpers being confined to his kennel, not understanding his pain nor why mom cannot comfort him now, why her touch hurts. Monday night I did not sleep a wink, keeping vigil. Trying to calm his fears. Praying to know how to help my little man.

Tuesday during the day we spent the day watch dog relaxation videos on YouTube. It seemed to calm him some, just as his little eyes would close, either a pain would shoot through him, I would move, or Roscoe would come check on him. Last night I decided to ask my sweet husband to move a mattress out to the living room floor, so I could be on Enos’ level and he would feel more comforted. We put on the dog relaxation videos. They worked for a while, but I think he was bored with them. I then decided to let him out of the crate, to sleep on the mattress with me. Eventually we both succumbed to shear exhaustion around 2:00.

This evening, after thinking, the answer might be for me to go down to my parents, so he is not trying to get to me, he seems to feel better. I have him on the bed between my husband and I. He’s on his leash shortened so he cannot get to the side of the bed. He acts much more like my little man today. I am so grateful. We will sleep in the living room a few more nights while he heals, but I am not near as worried as I was.

If I ever doubted being a mom, I cannot now. Keeping vigil with one of your sick furbabies, sacrificing comfort and sleep, this is my corner of creation that I have been blessed with. I love each of their tender spirits dearly.


About Shanna

I'm Shanna. Living each day the best I can. Trying to learn and grow to be the daughter my Father in Heaven sees in me. Trying to overcome the trials of this life, and find some joy in each day.

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