Try It Thursday: Natural Cleaning Solution, Does It Work?

I have severe allergies. When I use bleach or almost any chemical for that matter, I am pretty much guaranteed to end up in bed with a migraine. With that being said I am always looking for a better natural alternative to store-bought chemical cleaners.

Right now I have three bottles of citrus peels, vinegar, and water that I use. Sometimes though, that just does not do the trick. I result to the bleach, and suffer the consequences. I need more, something I can do, and on a budget that cleans and disinfects, but does not send me to bed. Pinesol is out, Mr. Clean is not as bad, but still gets me. HELP!

So off to scour the internet for the solution. No pun intended, ok, puns definitely intended.

I have always heard of Borax for laundry, but never for these other uses.

This site also contains 25 other uses for Borax. Pretty impressive.

My kitchen sink and my bathroom are the two places that are where I want to try it out.

I have Sweet Orange Essential Oil, I wonder what it would do if I mixed the two. Hmmm…

I have read on several sites that you can mix them. YAY!

Do you have any recipes for home cleaners that have worked? Please share, I am willing to try almost anything.



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