Be Our Guest

I have noticed more people are writing about mental health.  I am very glad to see this.  That is why I decided to open my blog to guest bloggers.  I will start off with one guest blog a week, but I hope to graduate to more than that.

I do want to emphasize that the post does not need to be on the mental health perse.  One of the things I have found in my struggles is finding hobbies and interests that keep my engaged and not on the darkness.  So if you have hobbies you want to share.  Recipes you want to share.  Anything, please submit it to me, and I will review it and try to find a place for it.  As more bloggers submit please understand that all posts will not be posted.

The rules are simply that you share your history.  How you are connected to mental illness.  Is it you?  A loved one? In the medical field? Just a brief story.  You can use your real name or not.  I leave that up to you completely.  If you have a blog include it in your post so others can follow you too. Most importantly have fun.  You can talk about mental illness, but as I mentioned above your post does not need to be focused on it, unless you feel compelled.

If you are interested in being a guest blogger complete the Contact Form below including a brief description of yourself and what you plan on blogging about.  This does not need to be in great detail.  Once I receive and review I will set you up as a Contributor.

You know the how to rules, these are the commandments.

  1.  I want YOU as a guest blogger, not someone else.  Do not use someone else’s work.  Only original work please.
  2. Proofread your content.  Spellcheck.
  3. Watch those copyrights.  Neither of us want to get in trouble.
  4. I borrowed this from “We do not accept websites that are known to have malicious content and/or are dealing with illicit content, including sex, drugs, etc. As well, links pointing to websites that are still under major construction and/or are not currently working will be denied.”
  5. Absolutely no swearing, this includes the name of the Lord.

I will read all posts and hope to share more and more of our stories.

The first guest post will be Friday, January 31st.  I will follow a Friday posting schedule from that point on.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Getting to know you and sharing your story.


I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a reply.

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