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Taco Soup, Roku, and a Warm Blanket

Georgia girls are not used to cold weather, so I am shivering like crazy! I love it though. My house smells of Taco Soup, a blanket up to my chin, and several good movies on Roku.

Yesterday seemed long, but gave me hope. Two doctor visits, one with my new psychiatrist and the other with my therapist. I think I am going really like my new psychiatrist. I felt like a person with him, not a project or a number. He has experience working with DID, and gave me confidence that together our goal would be to reintegrate. I cried happy, real happy tears for myself, the first ones in a long time. I feel like I have a good complete team now to help me and support me.

At therapy I learned circular breathing meditation and received the assignment to practice at least three times daily. She also sent me home we an adorable children’s book called “Moody Cow Meditates”.

Last night I did not have the same struggles and tensions that I generally do on the days after therapy. I know that my husband appreciated it just about as much as I did. I am usually a emotionally raw mess.

Today, this moment, is good. I am very grateful for that.

Mayberry Monday: Laughter is the Best Medicine

I was not always allowed to stay awake as a child to watch the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, so most of the ones I have seen are on DVDs, and boy are they funny. I adore the clips with animals, they absolutely crack me up. I just could not find many on YouTube to share.

I love this first clip with Tim Conway. Tim is brilliantly hilarious. One of my favorite comedians on the Carol Burnett Show, which I will feature another Monday I am sure.

Tim portrays a jockey. Johnny can hardly contain himself.

We need a commercial break so you can wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes before viewing the next video clip.

How did you learn to spell BOLOGNA? Do you still sing the song to make sure you are spelling it correctly? I know I just did.

I am amazed as Johnny by this adorable laughing parrot. Reminds me of Charlie, Bec’s parrot when we were young. I only heard him squawk and say hello, always at night. I would yell “Shut up Charlie.” My guess is that he heard that pretty often because it was not too long before one night he started making the classic parrot squawk,”ArrrwKKK” quickly followed by “Shup Up Charlie Arrkkk!”

Silly Saturday: Are You On Vacation?

This week my husband and I went to the local Chinese buffet.  We have gone many times before and usually talk to the same Chinese  young man there.  He is very friendly and smiles and nods repeatedly with his broken English.

The last time we went my husband and I noticed a wasp nest over the sidewalk, and me being the amateur photographer nut that I am, decided that I would take a picture of it next time we came.  So we stood outside with me dancing around, hoping to get a descent photo of the nest.  These look VERY amateur.  I am still learning the telephoto.

7-20 Big Wasp Nest 2 7-20 Big Wasp Nest up on the Side Walk Roof

As part of my therapy, since I am having a difficult time being intimate, I figured this would be a great chance for us to go back and really date.  I asked my hubby some getting to know you questions and then some questions on getting to know your spouse better.  We had a great conversation, and so much laughter too!

When he came back from getting another plate, just like a teenager, I had my camera waiting.

7-20 Date Night 5


I took several pictures of him and his meal.  🙂  He was such a good sport!

When we went to check out, our Chinese friend asked, “You vacation?”

We thought he was referring to the fact that we had not been in several weeks, so my husband said, “No, we no have money, just haven’t been in.”  As he moved his fingers back  and forth as if to communicate money.  I thought it was cute how we try to communicate as simple as possible, and sound like the Indians in old western movies in the process.

“No, no, no. I see camera. And you take pictures. Thought you vacation.”

I just laughed and explained about the wasp nest, and my love of pictures, and we told him next time that I would take his picture.  He seemed very excited about that.

“Okay, okay!  Yeah next time you take my picture!”