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Daily Prompt: Life Confused–Technology Geek Longing For A More Simple Time

Daily Prompt: 21st Century Citizen
Do you belong in this day and age? Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be?

I am a techno geek. My husband is a techno geek. I am always tethered to my Iphone, and I write almost all my blog posts on my Ipad. If you had a computer problem, before I had all my memory issues with medication and anxiety, I could fix almost any problem, and enjoyed doing it. When I feel like I still enjoy tinkering, but I am not confident in my skills like I once was. My husband however can fix any problem that can be fixed, and diagnose those that can’t be.

Our pillow talk at night is over my Ipad and his laptop. He cannot go to sleep without checking Facebook, Pinterest, Email, and watching videos on Youtube. There have been a few times when to be funny, I looked over and notice him on Facebook and logged on and messaged him, “Goodnight honey” or if I was in a particularly romantic mood put a romantic message on his timeline. I cannot count the number of times he has woken me up when he has heard an email come into my phone and asked, “Are you going to check that?”

We love our gadgets. I love the camera Mother is letting me borrow. We love the nice entertainment system we have. If there is a kitchen gadget or gimmick, I want to try it out. He with his Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt, is the same way about tools. Indoor plumbing, thank goodness! A/C, I live in South Georgia, need I say more?

As we both deal with anxiety and depression, collecting things then getting rid of them is not one of our strong suits. We joke that our front porch is Sanford and Sons from things he has collected. We have a shed of stuff, that we both have collected. I have a hard time throwing anything away. Whether it be the thought that it might be valuable one day, it is sentimental, or it is a bill I paid five years ago, if it comes in the house, I need it. I remember when that company one company told me to prove it to them several years ago that I paid it, on a bill that was two years old, and all my notes were on the bill that I had thrown away. Part of me is scared without this “stuff” you will not be able to prove that I existed when I am gone. I need something to say, I was here, I lived.

I am getting off topic though. That is a whole different post.

Do I belong in the 21st Century? Where I was headed before my detour was to state as much as I love my modern conveniences, gadgets, and gizmos. I long for a much simpler time.

A time that families worked together in the fields to bring in the harvest. Raising your own cattle, pigs, and chickens for meat, not worrying about the hormones being put in them. Rivers and streams were pure for bathing, and drinking, and fishing.

Money was not the driving force behind everything, yes, money was needed, but it did not mean living or dying, self-esteem or self loathing, friends or loaner. The credit card had not been invented!

Families would gather around the table in the evening by candle light as Mother or Daddy would read the scriptures and pray. Your immediate family did not need to move far away for schooling or to find work, you were all close in proximity, and in relationships.

The Government was small, not governing every affair of our life. You could protect homes and families without fear of breaking the law.

Maybe people had shorter lifespans back then, but it seems like they were living, really living. Leaving a legacy for us. A legacy I long to be part of.


The Window To The Soul

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Well I really believe Heavenly Father created all creatures. I was reading about Noah today, and the great care that Heavenly Father took to save the animals roaming the land and the fowls of the air.

As I promised I went out and took a picture of my eggplant flower. (I know you were waiting beside your computers in great anticipation to see it.) When I stepped outside the door, to my right on a pillar that we are raising Magnolia trees on, one of our friendly porch lizards waited for his daily photo shoot. He posed so well. Very GQ!

I actually teared up when I looked at the images. Whether that was me just being emotional or because I had just read about the care Heavenly Father took to save some of animals I do not know; however, this image touched my heart. Look at the way the light reflects in his eyes. He has his purpose, not to just be my photo subject, but to help keep the mosquito and spider population down. He might be falling down on the at job just a tad, but that is okay. He is doing wonderful at helping me and giving me something to photograph and interact with. He and his friends are tender mercies, some of Heavenly Father’s blessings to me.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Unknown
The eyes are the window to the soul. Unknown

The tomboy in me is really coming out as I take pictures, manifested by my nose being only a camera’s length plus three or four inches away from the guys you will see in the next picture. I know I showed you pictures of them the other day, I am just so fascinated with them. They thrill me to no end with their genius in creating their nest and their protecting eyes. This might however be the last photo op I they provide me. They do not seem quite as eager as Mr. Lizard to star on my blog. As I leaned in close, one of their scouts buzzed by my ear. I thank you, Mr. Wasp for the buzz-by warning, and thank you kindly for not stinging me, or sending the rest of the troops after me.

Danger!! Danger!! Back away from the nest!
Danger!! Danger!! Back away from the nest!

Lastly, as promised, my eggplant bloom. This little booger provided to be more difficult to capture than the wasps or the lizard combined, and an ant bit me in the process! The flowers hang downward facing the ground. I kept trying to focus on the bloom but would focus on the leaves. The picture does not do it justice. It is such a pretty flower. Each velvety lavender petal curls in toward a topaz center. It is simply beautiful. I am so thankful that I have been blessed to helped nurture it and see the bloom, even if the eggplant does not produce fruit, I have been blessed with a harvest.

I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father guided me to take pictures and to grow a few things in the garden to help with my mental health.

Who knew Eggplant Parmesan started off so pretty?
Who knew Eggplant Parmesan started off so pretty?

That Bear Almost Caught Me!


The humor behind this cartoon, it looks alot like Jethro and I. The second, the artist put the coversation balloon at Jethro’s mouth and it should have been coming from mine. :). He calls me the finance minister AKA “tight wad”–depending on his mood and how bad he wants something.

I looked and looked for a “bear caught” photo cartoon or clipart. Is that only a Southern phrase? When you get too hot outside just this side of over heating?

It is almost 90 degrees with 80 percent humidity here. Just a tad warm to say the least. Add my, what did the vet receptionist call me the other day? I believe it was “pleasantly plump”, yeah that was it. Lets just say it feels about 200 degrees out there. I stayed outside for a while finally repotting my squash and zucchini, and planting cucumbers and cantaloupe.

Absent minded me kept forgetting something inside, so I had to go up and down the steps several times. I also had to clear a spot on our Sanford and Sons porch for our newest addtions, and rearrange the others, gosh, it does not sound like much, but I was so out of breath and shaking when all was said and done. That bear was on my heels.

I drank nearly a full liter of cool water in one sitting when I came in to rehydrate. Now my tummy is all slushy.

My eggplant blooms pretty lavender flowers now. I am quite excited about that. After I cool off some, and after my Daddy finishes cutting the lawn, I plan to venture back out and take pictures. My insane allergies make it difficult to be outside when the grass is being cut. One of two things might happen–a migraine or an asthma attack. I do not want either today.

Do you have a summer garden? What have you planted this year? What have you planted in past years?

I would love to hear your successes or your learning experiences.

In the Now

If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden. ~Robert Brault


I saw my Therapist today. Her challenge and my goal is to stay in the here and now. Notice the things around me, using all of my senses. Acknowledge then dismiss “her” when she tries to envade my thoughts and actions.

This is why tonight I choose to blog on my garden. I am so excited about my little bell peppers. They will be the purple variety when ripe. I never thought I would be able to grow anything, and though they are not mature yet they are on their way. My husband and I tag team watering them.

I also have an eggplant plant. Is that what it is called or is it just called eggplant without the second plant? Either way, it looks like it is getting ready to bloom. Keeping my fingers crossed for it. I have read they are heavy feeders, and I feed it Miracle Grow several times a week. Man does Miracle Grow stink. Yuck!

I had planted burpless cucumbers too but poor fellas drowned last week when I was away and we had alot of rain. The easiest plant according to all the websites was the one that died, I find that comical somehow. I was looking forward to marinated cucumbers though.

So that is all I have planted. I know that it is barely considered a garden, but I wanted to test the waters first to see if my thumb was really black. I am grateful it it partially green atleast.

If you have any good bell pepper recipes or egg plant recipes, please feel free to comment. I would love to hear them.