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On the Road Again

Ah yes, another doctor appointment, another roadtrip. So tell me is it just a Southern thing to do this?


I love my dogs, and would be terrified to pieces to have them in the back of a pick up like this, but gosh this pup looked like he was having a ball. I love Labradors!

We will see how much of a post I can actually write tonight. I have already taken part of my night meds. The part that makes me really sleepy. Zzzzzzzz

My meds were changed again today to Effexor XR. Supposedly the first line of the defense for PTSD, and also works for depression. I remember being on Effexor years ago, but do not know if it was the XR. He said the the XR does not flush through your system before your next dose so you have a constant level. This is very good. I am crossing my fingers.

I had all these thoughts going through my head to blog about now I just want my CPAP mask and my blanket up to my nose and surrender to the sleep.

New Pyschiatrist

My first appointment with my new psychiatrist was today. So the journey of changing medications and dosing begins. Admittedly, this part of the journey that scares me so much. I hope that finding the correct combinations and dosage it a quick and painless process. My biggest fear is losing touch with reality in the adjusting. Right now I recognize when I am am slipping into those unsafe realms, there have been times on some medications when that line has been very blurry.

She is going to keep a close eye on me. I go back in three weeks.

During our discussion she brought up the Lap-Band and Gastric Bi-Pass. She is willing to write a letter of reccommendation to my insurance company. My insurance has told me in the past that my husband’s company chose not cover it, but my Internist, my Psychologist, and now my Pyschiatrist say it is medically necessary and they will approve it, but like disability it will be denied first the first time. It gives me alot to think about.

Am I mentally stable enough for the surgery? Food is one of my comforts, I recognize that. I know losing weight would help me feel better about myself, I have tried so many things. It is one of the many failures in my life.

Just something to think about. Alot to think about.

I would appreciate any input possitive or negative from anyone that has and Lap-Band or Gastric Bi-Pass.