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Breathe In Breathe Out

Went to the doctor today, when they took my oxygen stats they were low.  Yay me! He has put me on a nebulizer for my asthma, one without steroids.  I am so sensitive to steroids

Nebulizer Baby
Nebulizer Baby (Photo credit: KristyFaith)

that though they would do my lungs a world of good, my mental state and the mental state of those around me does not benefit from me on them.

Speaking of breathing in and breathing out.  On the way to town, I practiced self soothing with my MP3 and circular breathing.  Though I was probably better than I would have been without these techniques, I cried in anticipation of being in a crowded waiting room.  My angel Mother went in to both offices for me and waited for them to call my name. She then would come and let me know so I could go to my room.  I helped a lot.

This morning I before my appointments, I found something I wanted to share.  I hope that it will help all of us with our anxiety.  My therapist has helped me with mindfulness, when I found this, I was so excited.  She was  hoping to create a MP3 for me, this is so similar to the technique she uses.


We’ll I hope you have a great night.  I think I am going to throw the tower in early.



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God Does Have A Sense of Humor!

Once again I am trying to sleep and I am awakened by my sweet Daisy Mae’s alarm. I feed and water Daisy and Gage. i let them out separately today, did not want to go on a while goose chase. go ahead and let Roscoe and Enos out too, so I can go back to sleep.

I settle back in bed and doze back off and my husand’s CPAP mask starts squeeling like a frightened baby pig! I reach over and try to adjust it, he moves enough that it adjusts on its own. My eyes to close sleep, my mind rests in sleep and I begin to dream. My Daisy alarm goes off…AGAIN!

I let her out AGAIN. She is the only one that needs to go out. I coxy back down in bed, put my CPAP mask on. Close my eyes. Then there is that durn piglet squeeling again, much louder. i cannot adjust his mask or get him to move.

I realize my sleep is over for the night. I take my own mask off. I am so aggrivated and tense that I put on my headphones and turn on the Mormon Channel to listen to some relaxing music.

What song is playing? Love At Home

The super funny part showing that Heavenly Father indeed has a sense of humor.

I tuned in as this line began…

There is joy in every sound,
When there’s love at home


I am still sleepy, but the lyric turned my sour mood into a laugh.