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Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Photo Credits: oscarroadtrip.com

I woke up bright and early. Called my most favorite triple play cable provider, to resolve our issues. I came pretty close to blowing a gasket when I found out that the gateway was not shipped yesterday as I was promised. Yep, burnt this gal’s biscuits.

I asked the status of my discounts. He saw where the discount for the shipping was to be given, but not the service. Oh no, I do not think so. When I was off the phone with him, I had a credit of $32 dollars on my bill, and his name and a confirmation.

Then on to the next representative because Mr. Credit had said that he could only issue the credits, he could not resolve the shipping issue. The clincher was that it was not put in for overnight, but that it would ship in 3-5 days. UNACCEPTABLE! (I do want to say that the representatives I have spoken with are very very nice, and I am trying to keep my cool while demanding what I am paying for. In my demanding I apologize that they are cleaning up the mess of others and getting the brunt of my wrath.)

So, LaQuesha, oh dear LaQuesha, she updated the system so I should get the gateway Monday or Tuesday. She is not sure with all the changes if they are shipping on Saturday. If they do, she has for it to go out, if not it WILL go out on Monday Priority Overnight.

So to calm myself after the events this morning it is a musical morning. I am in a Broadway morning. Yeah, finding all kinds of musicals on YouTube.

Make it a beautiful day! ~Hope

The Good Ole Days

I posted Rain Drops Keep Failing On My Head in my last post, but as I started thinking about the last 24 hours this is much more appropriate.

Last night I watched Gene Kelly in Brigadoon. Yes, it was filmed WAY before my time, but I love my musicals. I love the beautiful simplicity of movies from that era, and the pure talent that actors and actresses had.

I could watch Oklahoma, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Annie Get Your Gun, Sound of Music, and all of those wonderful old musicals over and over again. They make me happy.

Oh I just found out that South Pacific is on Amazon Instant Video. Whew hoo! I know what I am about to do!