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To Put Emotions On Pause

Oh to be able to let my emotions flow out of my finger tips.  The last few days I have been depressed and really anxious.   Medication, situation, all of the above?  Who knows.

Monday the fly on the wall, found me watching CNN.  A special about sexual predators working at Disney World, Sea World, Universal, and other theme parks.  The one I remember most lived life as a preacher.  Sounded like a familiar story.

Eventually sufficiently creeped out, I turned the television off.  Pondering the things I just learned, I picked up my Ipad and began a search.  Center of Missing and Exploited Children.

Shaking inside and out I called, simply to see what could be done to report someone who preyed on me over 35 years ago.  I am pretty sure I let out an audible gasp when she said she would take my report, and the information would be shared with the authorities.  I do not look for him to be punished for the things he did to me.  At least not in the here and now, but the thought of him continuing to prey on victims…My voice no longer silent.

For a couple of days his memory haunted me.  Fears.  More memories, smells, more memories…restless.

My medication has been tweeked too, and I think in the wrong direction.  So I know that this seems much more grandiose to me than it is.

Last but not least, I cannot deny my heart many many tears, as I prepare to say see you later to my sweet boy Enos.  He has degenerative back disease, past surgery on multiple disc.  He can no longer walk, or turn over when lying down.  We have to hold him up for him to do his “jobs”.  He is getting where he is in a good bit of pain.  My heart is broken for my baby.  He has slept with me since we rescued him seven years ago.  He is my smallest dog, and since I was never blessed with my own children, my dogs are my babies.  Enos lets me dress him and do what ever with him.  I love that little guy so much.



Can You See It?


One weekend the hubs and I watched Harry Potter all weekend long. Enos stays glued to our sides, so he was subjected to the marathon also. You can imagine how hard I laughed when the next morning he woke up with the above cow lick on his rump.

Do you see it?

Poor fella must have fought Voldemort in his dreams. I have not notified JK Rowling. Voldemort lives.

Funny thing about Enos, he makes Dobby faces and now a lightning “scar” on his rump. He’s just the Harry Potter dog.


I really must say I do not have much to report today. I would say it is a slow news day, but with the school shootings, I will not say that. My prayers are with the students and families. A county not far from here was on lockdown for a while with reports of a gun and then a bomb. I have a feeling that it is going to come back and bite authorities. Gratefully nothing was found, but the fact that they put the school on lockdown when there was a bomb threat, because they felt like it was a hoax. They should have used it for a training at the very least. What if they were wrong and their would have been one? That would have been a horrible call. I am just grateful it turned out how it did.

I need to go heat up dinner. I might be back on a little bit later. The hubs came home early. We are having “date night”. Free Redbox rental of “Man of Steel”. YAY!

Thanks for reading! ~Hope

Mutts and More Monday: National Dog Day

I cannot believe I failed to mark my calendar, August 26, 2013, there it is National Dog Day.

Being an avid dog lover, I had no idea there was such a day until signing onto Facebook and seeing mingled with all the back to school photos, pictures of dogs. At first I thought it was a message from fur-moms like myself, maybe showing their fur-babies going to obedience school or something, but then I read National Dog Day 2013. I was intrigued.

I know we have days out there for everything, like tomorrow is National Hotdog Day, no, not on my calendar. I just ran across this when researching the history of National Dog Day.

Surprisingly, National Dog Day has been around since 2004. It began as a day to raise awareness of pets in shelters, and organizations like Petfinder. So many dogs, and other animals are senselessly killed every day. Rescue organizations save as many as they can, but cannot save them all. Today is their day, to be remembered, and hopefully find forever families waiting.

I have mentioned before that both my Enos and Roscoe where rescues. Enos was on the way to the pound that day. I am not sure how long before they would have taken Roscoe. My sister adopted her little one off of Petfinder. He is such a sweet loveable little guy.

Many communities have adoption and fostering opportunities for pets. If you are on Facebook you can also check to see if your community has a furbaby group. There are often opportunities to do very temporary foster, helping vet, pet give aways, or adoptions. Either way, if you love pets, you could be saving the life of an innocent and recieving years of unconditional love in return.

Our babies bring us so much joy and I am pretty sure we bring them alittle in return. As I write this Enos is asleep across my lap.

In honor of National Dog Day, I went to YouTube and found some funny and a couple touching dog videos. Enjoy!

Mutts and More Monday: Running A Muck

I fell in love with this Arizona family including a baker’s dozen of various breeds of dogs when I first came across their blog. The Crazy Dog Lady and her Crabby Man inadvertantly adopted their pack when they each came with special medical need or needing a place to stay for a bit. They found their home.

I have no doubt that you also will fall in love with this family as you meet them and see how much they love and care for each other.

The Cast of Run A Muck Ranch have great adventures to be sure.

Mutts and More Monday: Ruby From Downunder

The first canine pal and fellow blogger that I would like to feature on Mutts and More Monday is a gorgeous black labrador from Sydney, Australia named Ruby.

Ruby blogs daily about her life and adventures. I have come quite fond of the beauty. Almost wishing she were closer and I could introduce her to my Gage, they would make some amazingly gorgeous and quite mischievous pups.

Ruby has a stomach of steel and much like Mikey on the old Life cereal commerical, will eat anything. She keeps me laughing. Be careful though, I do not recommend reading her blog aloud to your dogs, some of her habits might wear off, though she once told me she was talking to my dogs telepathicly. Hence the reason they were spending so much time on our fresh unfolded laundry.

If you love dogs and want to follow a fun blog, check out Ruby.

You can follow Ruby and her adventures here.

Changes in Me and My Blog

I have been thinking again, as I am developing, and redeveloping this blog. It is transforming, much like myself, I hope.

This last week I have made so great strides in fighting the demons of my past, what is that cliche…kicking butt and taking names? I want my life back!

As I had Enos in his kennel on my bed with me, I thought about “Little Hope”. She is the one that is hurt and injured, one of the things that we have discussed in therapy is controlling her. Confining her and letting her know that it is for her own good. As I do that she will calm and be reintegrated. Enos, does not understand that the crate is for his own good, but as I calming told him in his confined state, that I loved him and he was good, he did not fight the confinement as much. He had to learn that the confinement is not a punishment, but for his healing. It was a real epiphany to me.

So with all this time to think, I have thought about the schedule I have for my blog. I am going to change a few of the days.

Songs of the Heart Sunday: I find that this day is a day that I grow and express myself on so I will continue the Songs of the Heart, and faith building day.

Mutt’s and More Monday: There are some great pet blogs out there. I personally am a dog person, but there are other blogs that I follow that have pets that I have grown fond of. I want to feature one or two of these blogs every week on Monday, and share anything that I might find that helps pets, or will not help pets. I hope you will input your ideas here.

Tell All Tuesday: This has been a fun day for me to remember the good times and share them. I will continue Telling All.

Wordless Wednesday: I found dreaming of places to visit and writing about it too difficult. I am not there yet. I am jumping on the Wordless Wednesday Bandwagon. This will be the day I share my newest photos.

Try It Thursday: I love to cook. I love finding homemade cleaners, or things that make life easier. i like to simple crafts that I can do cheap. I am going to use Try It Thursday for presenting those golden nuggets that I find on the internet, and share them with you. I hope you will share the things you find!

Find the Good Friday: This will remain the same, finding the good in the world and sharing it.

Silly Saturday: Silly Saturday ain’t going nowhere! I need to laugh!!

Thank you for sticking with me as I grow!

Mayberry Monday: What The Heck Is A Schlimazel?

Once upon a time in a home not so far away there lived three young siblings, an older sibling, and their parents. Their loving parents bought three hamsters for the younger children. Now the two youngest sisters, the third too old (and smart) for a hamster, sat and discussed names for their new pet rodents. Then it hit them, the perfect names. Being a child in the 80s, two females a one male, no, not Krissy, Susanne, and Jack. We chose Laverne and Shirley. What of the dashing gray male with the pink nose? Carmine fit perfectly. Wrong, the male belonged to our little brother, he decided his name would be Rudolph.

I do not recall ever really enjoying being a hamster mom. When they were bad, spanking their little bootie, they would pee. I finally learned to wrap a tissue around them before I would tap tap tap their bottom. Those rascals would break out of the cage and life would stop until we found them. Often several rooms away, sometimes on the piano hiding in a clock in a clock, other times in the hide-a-way bed. We finally started taking several bread ties and tying the gate closed.

One winter night it was going to be really cold, I was a young child, didn’t really think this next heroic measure through. I took my beloved Mickey Mouse sleeping bag, and wrapped it around their cage to make sure they would be nice and toasty. I loved my Mickey sleeping bag, so did those dang hamsters, so much in fact they used their little hands to pull it into their cage and shred it into fluff. Dang rodents, you can leave now.

Then it happened, the miracle of life. Little tiny bald hamster babies. Sort of gross looking, but awww, they are babies wiggling around. I learned about cannibalism, Shirley ate her own babies. Can we say ewww?

Not too much later, Laverne had a litter, surely she would not be as gross as Shirley. She was my hamster after all. Each morning I would run in and check on the babies. Still there! Whew whoo! Until….that fateful morning, when I ran in and hovered over Laverne’s lifeless body, in some sort of hamster zombie apocalypse, Rudolph and Shirley were devouring her and her babies. Talk about a disturbing scene to behold. I ran crying, “Rudolph and Shirley ate Laverne!!”

I suppose we know who the Schlimazel was, and I guarantee it was not the two cannibals standing over the mangled body of dear Laverne, those two monsters definitely pulled the Schlemiel cards in this sad story.

It was not long after the massacre of Laverne and her babies that Rudolph and Shirley found a new home with our step-cousins, and think they ended up letting them out in the wild. How awful, because they lived in a trailer park with many cats and dogs. Who knows maybe they made it to the storm drain, and Sensei Splinter reformed them, and they now actively fight crime as members of the underground ninja team.

Naming our hamsters after Laverne and Shirley, tells you that we enjoyed the show. I love the theme song. I remember singing it with my BFFs as a teenager. Good memories.

This clip had me laughing.

I do not remember this, but I love it!

Trivia Time

1. I gave you hints as to what Schlemiel and Schlimazel mean, now your turn, what do they mean?
2. Who’s middle name is Wilhemina? How did we learn this?
3. What is the name of Shirley’s stuffed black cat?
4. What other tv show’s set was reused as the Laverne and Shirley set?

First correct answers for each question will be acknowledged with announcement of your blog in a special post with the answers on Friday. 🙂

Four Legged Blessings

My adorable female Labrador decided she needed to wake us up at 4:00 this morning, us meaning me, because me dear husband slept through her barks of, “Ohhhh I gotta peee…ohhhh I gotta peeeee….I gotta peee NOWWWWW!”. So, I groggily crawl out of bed and let her out. Which of course meant the other three wanted their turn in the back yard potty also.

Daisy Mae

Her Mate, Gauge.


Roscoe’s trusty side kick, Enos. 🙂

Yes, we grew up in the 70s. Dukes of Hazzard kids. Gauge was named when we bought him, so he did not get a name from Hazzard.

These are my children, my furbabies. My blessings. They love unconditionally. All four recieved clean bills of health today. Though, Daisy Mae lives with infertility like me. We do not know why she never takes when they hook up. It might be because I would get so attached to my grandpuppies, and have a hard time selling them. There is a reason for everything I suppose.

Enos and Roscoe are our two oldest, and they love dressing up. They have matching leisure suits. Their newest phase is wearing bandanas. I call them their shirts. It was cute. If Enos’ comes off he will bring it in his mouth to me so I will put is back on him. Such a cutie. They help me keep my sanity at times.

I am so grateful for my furbabies.

Here in this house……

Here in this house……

I will never know the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs ‘out there’.
I can sleep soundly, assured that when I wake my world will not have changed.
I will never know hunger, or the fear of not knowing if I’ll eat.
I will not shiver in the cold, or grow weary from the heat.
I will feel the sun’s heat, and the rain’s coolness,
and be allowed to smell all that can reach my nose.
My fur will shine, and never be dirty or matted.
Here in this house…

There will be an effort to communicate with me on my level.
I will be talked to and, even if I don’t understand,
I can enjoy the warmth of the words.
I will be given a name so that I may know who I am among many.
My name will be used in joy, and I will love the sound of it!
Here in this house…

I will never be a substitute for anything I am not.
I will never be used to improve peoples’ images of themselves.
I will be loved because I am who I am, not someone’s idea of who I should be.
I will never suffer for someone’s anger, impatience, or stupidity.
I will be taught all the things I need to know to be loved by all.
If I do not learn my lessons well, they will look to my teacher for blame.
Here in this house…

I can trust arms that hold, hands that touch…
knowing that, no matter what they do, they do it for the good of me.
If I am ill, I will be doctored.
If scared, I will be calmed.
If sad, I will be cheered.
No matter what I look like, I will be considered beautiful and thought to be of value.
I will never be cast out because I am too old, too ill, too unruly, or not cute enough.
My life is a responsibility, and not an afterthought.
I will learn that humans can almost, sometimes, be as kind and as fair as dogs.

Here in this house…
I will belong.
I will be home.