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I Have Often Wondered If I Am God’s Guinea Pig

I know I am a child of God. He’s not a respecter of persons, do you sense the but? Yeah, one is coming, BUT, I have often wondered if I was His science experiment. I know He is not bored with all that is going on in today’s world, so maybe I signed up for some (or all of these crazy health issues).

Found out yesterday that Arther decided to hop on my back. Jeepers, did not even ask for a ride and now he is my constant companion. Hope my husband does not mind that we have Arter in our bed. Not only Arther, they think he might have brought along two friends. They must be kin because they share a last name, Pinched-Nerve. Their names are Cervical and Lumbar. I’m waiting for MRI and nerve conduction study to see about them. Until then I am on Celebrex, hmmmm, sounds like a party. I am not partying.

Today the strangest thing occurred. While working on the desktop computer on my collage for therapy, I started getting extremely cold. Shivering cold. It is 76 in my house. I usually heat to death, that inner child loves playing with matches. I have a really painful knot on the back of my head, feels to high for my lymph nodes, but I do not know. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I was so sleepy and shivering all of a sudden.

I head back to the bed and snuggled in my warm blanket. I felt achy, so I took my temp. I was shocked when I saw 96.2. I usually run 98.6 – 99.1. I checked it in a few minutes it was 95.9. 95 is hypothermia. I talked to my Mom, and we agreed that I should go out there until Hubby made it home. I did.

It eventually started creeping back up. It was so strange. Maybe I am going to start having cold flashes instead of hot flashes! Living in GA that would be nice. If you are working on that God, I do not mind being your Guinea Pig, but can I sign up my sister and Mother too? You do not go by HIPPA, right?