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Oh I So Sleepy

Sitting in the Dr’s waiting for labs. It is only the beginning of a big busy day. Daisy girl started barking at 3:00 this morning, so let the zombie day begin.

Mother called a few minutes ago and I was sitting on the bed/floor trying to locate a hotel for my husband’s pal. Bless his heart, or his wife’s heart. She flew home to be with her parents for a bit because a nasty UTI. So he is enjoying their dream trip/life alone for now. Hopefully soon she will fly back out to meet him.

I am glad Mother called, made me get up. I think we have him a room now. Next my labs, then to Walmart to get things for tomorrow. Two men. Hmmm… No drinking, but I know snacks, but it is HOT!

Then home to make bread. Shhh…During my rising cycles, I might not rise, I might lay down. I have no energy and my back is usually broken after kneading. Whine, whine, whimper.

Sometime today I need to call about my nerve conduction study from Tuesday. They only did cervical not lumbar, did not make a whole lot of sense, oh well, no MD or PC after my name.

Tonight we are going to go to Old Times Country Buffet with his pal. My husband likes the food and the hostess.



Days of Therapy Zap Me

I am always completely exhausted the days of therapy. I came home,need to put groceries up, but they still sit in the floor. My eyes are heavy. Yes, this week it is more than normal because lack of sleep with little man, but still….

The hubs’ best bud AKA partner in crime from childhood is in the area, I hope that tomorrow is the night. I do not have anything to squeeze out in the entertaining or energy department, nor is the Sanford and Sons Villa ready for visitors. This is somewhat of a surprise, “sometime this summer or fall” visit.

Fun couple though. I just prefer being vertical with my eyes open and not snoring. I am sure I am much more pleasant company then also.

I suppose convincing them of the lack of decent accommodations locally will keep them in the Savannah Area tonight. Give me time to rest, I hope, and clean…AKA…rearrange junk and get up dog hair, not to mention move mine and Enos bed from the living room, and dusk. Probably causing a migraine. Tomorrow I have an 8:50 lab appointment, then free the rest of the day.

I have convinced myself, now to convince the rest of the gang. Wish me luck!

Ooops! I Almost Forgot!


Just as I reached to take my nightly meds it hit me in my groggy sleepy stupper, that I have yet to type my funny thought for today. I have already taken a couple of things for a migraine, with that disclaimer, this is a true story and a real joke. No ducks were hurt in the making of this joke.

So yes, because I am tired, drugged on migraine meds, I decided to tell a joke. Not just any joke, my brother’s favorite joke. This has been his favorite joke for as long as I can remember. He is in his mid-thirties now, a lawyer, and still rolls laughing at this joke that we heard as children.

Okay here goes…

Two ducks are sitting in the bathtub, the first duck looks at the second duck and asks him to pass him the soap.

The second duck looks at the first duck and says….
“No…What do you think I am? A typewriter?”

Ok, ok…I understand, it makes no sense. I think that is why it is so funny. Well, that and trying to figure out what makes is so hilarious to my brother all these years.